Recruitment and retention resources

The resources within the recruitment and retention roadmap will help you to review, reflect and follow an effective process to recruit suitable new staff and to help retain current employees.

Recruitment and retention roadmap

Please see below a selection of factsheets relating to the journey through the recruitment process and where to find further information and support.

  1. What is an exit interview and how to do them?
  2. Do you need to recruit? What to consider
  3. Importance of equality through recruitment
  4. Job description and person specification
  5. Advertising
  6. Shortlisting
  7. Preparing and conducting interviews
  8. Job offers and contracts
  9. Suitability checks you must complete
  10. Induction
  11. Supervision
  12. Professional development
  13. Effective staff retention

Working in the early years sector – Suffolk County Council at this link you will find further resources you can use to support you in raising awareness of early years careers, which include a PowerPoint presentation on working in the early years, a poster, leaflets and videos.