How to apply for Early Years High Needs Funding (Suffolk Providers)

Information and guidance is below, please read the guidance and look at the questions and the relevant appendix before completing the application. 

NOTE: Applications for all eligible children will need to be made during the first two weeks of each term, you will not be able to apply outside of this period.

Autumn Term 2023 application window is from Monday 04 September 2023 to Friday 15 September 2023

Step 1

complete ONE Profile descriptor (Appendix) – choose the one which is most relevant to the child’s significant area of need.

Step 2 

Complete the online application at the link below; 

Please click these words for the link >Early Years HNF online application form NOT AVAILABLE

Step 3

Send an email to [email protected]

  • Subject line: HNF – Add your Setting Name
  • Attach the profile descriptor (appendix) you completed in step 1 – check you only used the child initials and added the LA after your setting name
  • Do not send any other documentation or information we will request this if required


  • Only send the descriptor document by email – DO NOT send the questions document
  • Only send ONE descriptor per child, this should match what you selected during the application process

Information will be updated on this site termly for you to download.

It is your responsibility to look for this information and return it to us on time. Reminders will not be sent. 

If you have any queries regarding Early Years High Needs Funding please email: [email protected]