Specialist Provision

Information for Early Years Providers

We would like to draw your attention to a change made by Inclusion services, in how they will be meeting the requests for specialist provision, outlined in the document at the link below

Special Education-setting request for specialist groups/schools

In addition, we have been informed that:

  • except for Thomas Wolsey, assessment nurseries are not able to accept children into their specialist classes from September 2021.
  • applications for specialist units will continue in the usual way, using the Inclusion Service Referral Form 

Applications for Reception places in special schools will be considered:

  • as part of the Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment, once a draft EHC Plan has been issued and the young person or family request a specialist setting:
  • as part of the Annual Review of an EHC Plan, where changes to the special educational needs or support is recommended and the young person or family request a specialist setting

Annual review reports will need to be with the Local Authority by the end of November. 

The Inclusion Service Referral Form should be completed if there is evidence that indicates that a child may benefit from specialist provision. This may include specialist support to meet complex health needs or specific learning differences or a placement in a specialist nursery or specialist unit.

Inclusion Referral Form (go to the downloads sections at the bottom of the page at this link)

For any queries regarding this process or completing the form, please contact Inclusion Support Line – Suffolk Learning