Transition Materials

Successful Transitions

The Early Years and Childcare Service (EYCS) updated transition guidance has been devised to support you in reflecting on transition practices, providing an overview of the key elements that make up effective transitions.

The guidance is divided into 6 sections, enabling you to ‘dip into’ the information according to your needs and interests. It is a source of information and suggestions rather than a ‘how to guide’ empowering you to consider your own approach. Each section provides a theoretical and statutory overview, followed by practical suggestions, reflection points and useful resources to explore.

Section 1: Transition Principles and Theories

Introduction, focusing on principles and key theoretical approaches that underpin current thinking.

Section 2: A Fish in Water

Placing the child at the centre of planning and supporting transitions. Strong focus on supporting emotional wellbeing prior to, during and following periods of transition.

Section 3: Involving Parents

Emphasises the importance of working alongside parents, presents ‘Triangle of Trust’ theory, practical ideas which can be shared with parents. Individual pages can be printed to give to parents.

Section 4: Collaborating with other providers

Multi-agency working, a look at ‘hidden transitions’, and practical suggestions to support external and internal transitions.

Section 5: A Focus on Inclusion

Outlines providers legal responsibilities, information on EHCP’s, Information gathering with parents and professionals involved, a ‘links’ page which directs providers to information on Suffolk Learning.

Section 6: Leadership and Management

Key points around transitions for Managers (summary and reminders) and Committees.