Analysis of Additional Needs Tool (AANT)

Information for childcare providers

What is an AANT?

  1. An online form for you to complete about a child in your setting.
  2. An hour online with a psychologist, to talk about the child’s progress, difficulties, strengths, and together to come up with creative, inclusive solutions.
  3. A short, downloadable summary of your discussion including next steps for you to follow up.

We have been able to secure some time from our colleagues in the Psychology and Therapeutic Service to provide some early years AANTs to Private, Voluntary & Independent (PVI) childcare providers. This is open to any child from the age of 2 years 6 months in an early education setting.

If you have a child in your setting for whom you think this might be helpful, you will need to follow the flow chart below which explains the process and eligibility. Please be aware you can only discuss one individual child.

How to request an early years AANT from the Psychology and Therapeutic Service for an individual child who attends your setting:

How to apply for an EY AANT flowchart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)