Targeted Plans for Individual Support

In this section you can access documentation to support the process of developing a plan for a child whose learning and development needs cannot be met through the general planning and provision provided. Targeted plans should be written in partnership with parents of the child and other professionals where appropriate.

The Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Code of Practice 2015 states that:

“Where it is decided to provide SEN support, and having formally notified the parents, the practitioner and the SENCO should agree, in consultation with the parent, the outcomes they are seeking, the interventions and support to be put in place, the expected impact on progress, development or behaviour, and a clear date for review. Plans should take into account the views of the child. The support and intervention provided should be selected to meet the outcomes identified for the child, based on reliable evidence of effectiveness, and provided by practitioners with relevant skills and knowledge.” (Paragraph 5.40 SEND Code of Practice 2015)

Individual Education Plan Information

An IEP or Individual Education Plan is a plan or programme designed for children with SEN to help them to get the most out of their education. An IEP builds on the curriculum that a child with learning difficulties or disabilities is following and sets out the strategies being used to meet that child’s specific needs

SEN Support Plan

An SEN Support Plan can be used to implement the graduated approach (assess, plan, do, review) in your setting. This document can be used to record and evidence specific inclusion strategies for an individual child as well as the short term SMART targets required for daily interventions.

Early Support Development Journal

This Journal, produced by the Council for Disabled Children, is particularly useful if you know or suspect that a child you are supporting is unlikely to progress in the same way, or at the same rate, as other children – whether or not a particular factor or learning difficulty has been identified and given a name.