Learning Wall

The Early Years and Childcare Service is launching a new termly resource page for our providers – designed to share and support quality of practice.

Each term, we will present, highlight and share key items of interest, materials that have been created, reflections and new developments. We are including a section ‘Practitioner Perspective’ for you to tell us about what you have been doing in your settings around Suffolk, what is working well and aspects of your practice that you would like to share.

The Learning Wall is a new way of presenting information that you will be able to access more easily via the website and on your phone or tablet. We have aimed for a visual and easily accessible format that we feel sure you will like.

An overview of the content will let you see what is covered in an edition, and the thumbnail view will enable you to go directly to sections that are of particular interest.

Further items may be added over the course of each term.

Learning wall archive

Learning Wall Autumn 2022

Learning Wall Summer 2022

Learning Wall Spring 2022