In-setting training for groups of childminders

Did you know that groups of childminders can access the full range of in setting training?

How to book in-setting training for Childminder groups

  • Make sure you have a minimum of 6 childminders who would like to participate. As a group, agree who will be your ‘named person’. This person will then be the main point of contact for training applications and administration with [email protected]
  • Identify the training you would like to do by looking through the flyers on the Apply for In-setting training section of the Training and qualifications page on Suffolk Learning. Apply for Training-in-setting – Suffolk Learning
  • Think about which days/ times are best for your group. You will need to add this information to your application.
  • The named person will need to make a single application for each course wanted on behalf of the whole group, up to 2 courses per term.
  • An EYC trainer will contact the named person once the application has been processed to agree a date, time and clarify if the course will be delivered virtually or face-to-face in a venue. Once the details have been agreed, you will be notified and invoiced at this point.
  • If the training is to be face-to-face in a venue, you will need to find somewhere suitable that is available on the required date. This must be a public building which holds public liability insurance and is able to accommodate a training event.
  • The named person will also need to send a list of participants and their email addresses to [email protected]
  • As a group agree what you will charge each person for the training event and how you will collect this money. Remember to include all costs such as the venue, any refreshments provided as well as the actual training fee. See 2. Course costs – Suffolk Learning for virtual and face-to-face charges.
  • If you cancel in-setting training once the event has been confirmed you will incur an administration fee of £50.