Personal Education Plan (PEP)

A Personal Education Plan is required for any child looked after by Suffolk County Council (SCC) in an Early Years setting. The lead person should ensure this form is completed with the childcare provider and submitted, as soon possible after the PEP meeting.

The PEP must be sent by secure email to: [email protected]

Personal Education Plan (PEP) Contact information

Personal Education Plan (PEP) for Early Years children please go to the foot of the webpage for the Early Years document.

Further information about writing a PEP can be found in the relevant section in our Children in Care Toolkit Inclusion – Children in Care, PEP, EAL & EYPP – Suffolk Learning. Your Early Years and Childcare Service cluster contact will be able to offer support around this.

If this is the first time you have been required to complete a PEP and you would like some support please email: [email protected] to request this.