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  • Once you have applied, we will confirm your place by email and give you any further course information.
  • Please note if the course you are looking for, does not appear in the list, the course will either have already happened, be full or cancelled. New course dates are added each term.

PLEASE NOTE: Our training offer to providers undertaking a review and refresh. To enable us to dedicate the time needed for this most training will be suspended for the summer term 2024. If this affects you, we will be contacting you directly to explain next steps. Our plan is to launch a new offer in September 2024.

Quality at the Heart – wraparound provision

If you are thinking of setting up wraparound provision don’t miss this opportunity to access a bespoke training session around high care and learning for extended hours and wrap around provision – whether in school or group setting, this training will support you to:

  • To gain an understanding of the importance of quality in wraparound provision
  • To consider aspects of the welfare and well-being of children, and adults supporting them, in an extended day
  • To explore quality experiences and how learning may differ throughout the day.
  • To reflect on ways to manage different age groups.
  • To understand some practical aspects to help support children with SEND.

Developed specifically for Suffolk providers by experts from the Early Excellence Centre – “Quality at the Heart – wraparound provision” will be delivered by Phil Armstrong (senior education lead and with 20 years of experience across the Early Years and primary sector).

Places will be highly subsidised, limited and offered on a first come first served basis.

Cost £10 per person

To apply please use the blue link at the top of this page.

Nursery World videos presented by leading early years experts

You are invited to apply for access to one of the following sets of 3 videos.

Do not miss the chance to access this training material purchased specifically for Suffolk’s Early Years Providers (LoP) and fully funded for this term.

These videos present an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge and as a starting point for staff team CPD discussions

Take a fresh look at ideas and up to date perspectives.

  • Set 1 – Early Years Curriculum

In this set of three 30-minute videos, Jan Dubiel, leading early years specialist and member of the advisory group for the revised EYFS, takes us through different aspects of the curriculum – planningprogression and assessment.

Jan looks at what we mean by an early years curriculum and how we construct one; how progression can be ensured by its coverage and depth; and at assessment – how do we know that children know what they know?

  • Set 2 – A New Vision for Outdoors

In this set of three videos, early childhood landscape designer and Nursery World author Julie Mountain leads you through the process of improving your outdoor provision.

Julie gives a step-by-step guide to developing your outdoor area in Evaluating your Outdoor ProvisionIdentifying Opportunities for Change, and Making and Managing Changes, with suggestions for reflection and discussion, and tasks to carry out in between each video session. You’ll also have access to a pack of resources to support you, including audit sheets.

Set 3 – The Characteristics of effective teaching and  learning

In this set of three 30-minute videos, consultant, trainer and author Penny Tassoni examines each of the Characteristics – Playing and ExploringActive Learning, and Creating and Thinking Critically.

Penny considers the focus on the role of the adult in the revised EYFS framework and shows how the characteristics can help you reflect on the needs of individual children and also on your provision.

Once your application has been processed you will receive a login to access the videos.

Please note that we have a limited number of each set available, and these will be allocated as applications are accepted.

To apply please use the blue link at the top of this page.

Course flyers

Look at the training course flyer for more information and to make sure the training is right for you. The training may be delivered virtually or face to face in a venue. Some courses have multiple sessions and all must be attended in order to complete the course.