Early Career Teachers

Welcome to the Suffolk Local Authority site for Early Career Teachers (ECTs). This is for induction tutors and all colleagues in schools and settings who support NQTs and ECTs during the induction process.

Suffolk LA acts as the induction appropriate body (AB) for most schools in Suffolk and is pleased to work in partnership with non-maintained schools and colleges within or outside the county. Suffolk Appropriate Body will be working in partnership with local Teaching School Hubs and delivery partners.

All teachers who have obtained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) after 7 May 1999, by whatever route, must complete an induction period if they are to work in maintained schools, or in non-maintained special schools in England.

Registering NQTs and ECTs with the Appropriate Body (AB)

Schools have a responsibility to register their NQTs and ECTs before statutory induction begins. Neither an NQT nor ECT can begin statutory induction before they have received Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Schools and settings need to check and confirm their NQTs/ECTs have QTS status. Please contact [email protected] if there are any concerns about the eligibility of an NQT or ECT to undertake statutory induction. To assist with the enquiry the Date of Birth and Teacher Reference Number (TRN) will be required.

Registration is via https://suffolk.ectmanager.com/login.aspx. Headteachers, Induction Co-ordinators, Induction tutors and registered School Administrators all have access to register an NQT/ECT for their school.

NQTs and ECTs not registered with an Appropriate Body are not eligible to begin statutory induction. The AB is required to report induction registration dates to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) and retrospective registrations will not be possible. A delay in registration may result in a delay to the start, and completion, of the induction period with significant consequences.

Registration of the NQT/ECT with Suffolk AB triggers ECT Manager log in details being sent to the individuals concerned.