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Apply for In-setting training

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Early years childcare providers can apply for some of our courses to be delivered to their whole setting or childminder group.  See the flyers below to see which courses are available ‘in-setting’.

  • Use the link in the heading above to complete the form to express an interest in training for your whole setting.
  • Use a separate form for each training course you wish to request.
  • Your request will be logged, and you will be contacted by one of our trainers within 4 weeks to agree a suitable date & time for the training.
  • You will be sent an invoice once the date for your training has been agreed.

Course flyers

The descriptions and learning outcomes for each course can be found below, please read the one you are interested in to ensure the course is appropriate for your requirements. 

If you would prefer to have an in-setting virtual training delivered face to face, then please discuss this with your trainer when they contact you to arrange a date.

If you cannot see what you are looking for, then please contact us at [email protected] as we may be able to offer you a bespoke training.

PLEASE NOTE: Our training offer to providers undertaking a review and refresh. To enable us to dedicate the time needed for this most training will be suspended for the summer term 2024. If this affects you, we will be contacting you directly to explain next steps. Our plan is to launch a new offer in September 2024.

In-setting training for groups of childminders

Did you know that groups of childminders can access the full range of in setting training?

In-setting training for groups of childminders – Suffolk Learning