Secure email

Our standard secure email system is called Office 365 Message Encryption (OME). Information can be found at the link below:

Sensitive emails are marked at the council end, which automatically encrypts the emails.

Recipients then need to decrypt the email, either by requesting a “one-time passcode”, or signing into a Microsoft or Google account (if they have one).

In Summary:

– Send an initial email to existing designated SCC mailbox saying you wish to send us a secure email.
– We will send you a secure OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE email which you can reply to.
– Reply to this OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE email which will then be secure,
– Please read the guidance and follow the instructions before sending any OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE personal data and attachments.

Early Years Mailboxes which are used for secure emails

[email protected] for Individual child referrals and ‘Other’ referrals
[email protected] for provider portal or funded child related queries
[email protected] for High Needs funding & Inclusion applications and queries
[email protected] for Childcare Support Fund invoices
[email protected] for Brokerage and Childcare Support Fund enquiries

Other Early Years mailboxes for general enquiries

[email protected] for Early Years Work Force development enquires
[email protected] for general Early Years and Childcare enquires