Supporting children’s progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage

Thinking again about assessment’ – EYCS assessment guidance.

Assessment Information for Providers 

The changes to the guidance on assessment within the revised ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)’ 2021, provide a great opportunity to focus once again on the purpose of assessment and importance of it making a difference to children.

Our updated assessment guidance has been designed to help us all think again about assessment and assessment practices; what we do and why we do it. They have been drawn up in alignment with the expectations of the ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)’ 2021 and Ofsted. We believe that they are easily accessed, simple yet effective.

The assessment materials on Suffolk Learning will provide an overview of the key elements that make up an effective assessment system.

This overview is supported by the Assessment in greater depth sections. Please refer to these for more information.

Each section can be used alone – however the assessment materials have been designed in a way that takes you through the process of assessment in the Early Years and supports a deepening understanding.

We suggest you use these as a toolkit – that can be used to support you as practitioners in your own development, as a focus for staff meetings, and as points of reflection for leaders and managers.

Click on the image below to watch our new YouTube assessment presentation. We have also produced some notes to read alongside presentation.

Thinking again about assessment – presentation prompts