Out of County Providers – Apply for Early Years High Needs Funding

This section is for Local Authority childcare providers outside of Suffolk (NOT FOR SUFFOLK PROVIDERS) who have a child claiming early education entitlement and has an agreed Suffolk Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP).

Please email [email protected] with any queries about this process with the subject line: Out of County HNF.

There are 4 steps for you to complete:

Step 1

Please complete the most appropriate Profile descriptor (Appendix) from the list below. This should be the one which is relevant to the child’s most significant area of need (ONLY COMPLETE ONE APPENDIX).

PLEASE NOTE: Only use the child’s initials on this document and add which LA you are from after your setting name.

Step 2

Complete the application form at the link below

Out of County HNF application

Step 3

Please note: if you have supplied bank details previously you can skip this section.

Provide your bank details on a company headed letter, please ensure it contains the below information:

  • Your Business Name
  • Bank Account name
  • Bank Sort code
  • Bank Account Number
  • Name of your Bank
Step 4

Send an email to [email protected]

  • Subject line: Out of County HNF
  • Attach the profile descriptor (appendix) you completed in step 1 – check you only used the child initials and added the LA after your setting name
  • Attach your bank details letter (where appropriate).
  • Do not send any other documentation or information we will request this if required