Quality Improvement

The EYFS Checklist can be used to support your working practices, including paperwork and documentation. 

EYFS Checklist for group childcare providers updated 17/04/2023

Action Plan

Improvement Action Plan

Peer Observation

Peer observations in Early Years play a crucial role in fostering professional growth and enhancing the quality of early childhood education. These observations involve educators within the same educational setting, such as preschools or nurseries, observing each other’s practices and interactions with young learners. This collaborative approach provides a platform for continuous improvement, reflective learning, and the sharing of best practices. Early Years practitioners can gain valuable insights, fresh perspectives, and constructive feedback from their peers, ultimately benefiting both the educators and the children they care for and educate. In this SWAY, we will introduce the breadth of this quality improvement practice and signpost you to supportive training for your whole team.

Peer Observation record template

Peer Observation record template (portrait)


Supervision template

Additional support for improving the quality of your provision to be added in the Spring Term 2024 and will include:

Support for Supervisions

Guidance on conducting your own Learning Walks

Using and creating appropriate Development Plans