“SEN support should include planning and preparing for transition, before a child moves into another setting or school. To support the transition, information should be shared by the current setting with the receiving setting or school. The current setting should agree the information to be shared as part of this planning process.” (SEND Code of Practice 2015 section 5.47)

To help with this process you may wish to use a transition passport – see documents below:

Guidance for transition passport

Transition passport document

Further information can be found in section 10 of the Council for disabled children’s Early Years toolkit:

Council for disabled children Early Years toolkit

All About Me – word document

Preparing Children for Transitions from Early Years to School

Supporting children’s re-integration into their Early Years settings

Supporting your child on their journey from Early Years setting to Reception class

Personal Return Evaluation Plan (PREP) – added 13/08/2020. This newly devised document is for the use of providers in supporting children with SEND or who require special consideration when returning to their childcare settings following lockdown.

One Page Profile

A one-page profile is a simple summary of what is important to a child or young person and how they want to be supported. It can help them get more person-centred care and support to achieve their goals.

A one-page profile captures all the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper. Information is recorded under three or four simple headings, for example:

  • What people appreciate about me
  • What’s important to me
  • How best to help and support me
  • My goals and wishes for the future

One-page profiles should only contain positive information and can be for anyone of any age from preschool to adult. They help those around a person to understand them better and know how best to support them. The child or young person should be involved as much as possible in the development of the one-page profile

Useful websites:

Suffolk infoLink- Person centred planning:

Helen Sanderson and Associates:

Example One Page Profile templates: