Provider Portal Registered Users

All correspondence will be sent to the provider portal registered user, the registered user will need to check their registered personal email account regularly.

Provider Portal – Registration Information

The registered user will be sent 3 separate emails to enable them to register with the Provider Portal.

Registration & Login Guidance for the Provider Portal – updated 18/07/2022

The link to access the Provider Portal is below:

Provider Portal

How To Enable Two Step Verification – for existing users – added 21/07/2022

Using the Provider Portal

It is advised that you read all guidance notes and documentation before using the Portal. All guidance is available at the pages below:

Headcount Guidance – information on completing a termly headcount task

Checker Guidance – information on using both the Extended Hours and Two Year Old Funding checkers

Provider Portal – reminder for users

Registered portal users:

  • must not share their login details. To do so is classed as a data breach.
  • Absence– if your registered portal user has left your provision or will be absent during the task period, you must let us know as soon as possible. Please email: [email protected]. Failure to let us know will affect our ability to process your claim.
  • A £100 administration charge will be applied where a data breach is identified (effective from 01 April 2021).