PAF-Stretched Offer-Ethnicity codes

Parent Authorisation Forms (PAF)

**NEW** from March 2023: There is a new PAF along with revised guidance notes and stretched offer information and calculator.

Parent Authorisation Form (PAF) V16– added 27/03/23

Childcare Provider guidance notes – added 20/03/23

Parent/carer guidance notes – added 20/03/23

We have created a new PAF information page for parents/carers on Suffolk InfoLink | Parent Authorisation Form (PAF) Guidance for parents you can share this link with parents rather than printing this information for them.

Stretched Offer

Stretched offer calculator & examples – added 20/03/23

Stretched offer guidance – added 20/03/23

Dual Placement

Information regarding funded children who are dual placed at a Special School Assessment Nursery

Ethnicity Codes