Specific LA school queries should be emailed to [email protected] and your questions will be filtered to the department which is best able to respond. The DfE helpline (0800 046 8687) should also be used, and in all cases, the Government advice followed. Suffolk Headlines will also be sending out information as will the Schools’ Choice newsletter. There are some additional resources via web links and documents on this page. 

12 September 2023 – Letter to School Leaders on mild illnesses and school attendance – guidance from Professor Chris Whitty and peers which includes information on Covid-19.

12 September 2023 – Education Hub – Gov.UK rules around C19 in educational settings

25 November 2022 CO2 monitors and aircleaning units. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOUR ACTION from the DfE about CO2 monitors and applications from schools for DfE funded air cleaning units. PLEASE read as this is your chance to manage both the ventilation in your school, and the transmission of airborne illnesses like Covid or flu. Ventilation also aids concentration and alertness.

8 June 2022 – ALL SCHOOLS – Health Protection in education and childcare settings – this set of guidance notes from the DfE has been updated to reflect current best practice.  Specific notice should be taken of the Exclusion Table which now includes the Covid-19 virus.

8 June 2022 – ALL SCHOOLS – Updated – Health and Safety: Advice for Schools – Guidance for employers, Headteachers and School Staff.

8 June 2022 – ALL SCHOOLS – Updated – Ventilation in Schools to reduce the spread of respiratory infections including C19

7 April 2022 – ALL SCHOOLS – Further DfE COVID-19 updates specific to schools please read


3 March 2022: Two updated documents to be followed by educational and childcare settings: Flowchart for Action (v11) and “Guidance for Living with Covid-19”. Both these can be found on the SHaW homepage.

Updated Risk Assessment Template – 27 January 2022 – All settings should review their assessments with immediate effect please, in light of the new Government guidance. This new template has relevant changes within – see link below under ‘Updated SCC Guidance’.

Updated Public Health Framework for managing Covid-19 in Educational Settings – 27 January 2022 – see link below under ‘Updated SCC Guidance’.

Updated Action to be taken by all CYP settings – suspected and confirmed cases flowchart – 27 January 2022 – see link below under ‘Updated SCC Guidance’.

Department for Education – email of 19 January 2022:

IMPORTANT DfE email regarding control measures against C19 updated information

IMPORTANT – Department for Education – PDF – How to apply for a DfE funded Air Cleaning Unit

All updates to previously published guidance can be found via these links:

A precis of updates to Covid-19 guidance for educational settings.

Please ensure you subscribe to the DfE’s Covid-19 email – if you are not already on their list, please use this subscription form.

Updated SCC guidance

Please ensure you download and review the updated COVID-19 risk assessment template – effective as of 27 January 2022.

Please see the updated Flow-Chart for action to be taken by all CYP settings where there are suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19. effective as of 1 March 2022 v11.0

The updated Public Health framework for managing COVID-19 in Suffolk Childcare & Educational settings is effective from 27 January 2022

Two important documents, posted 14 December 2021:

New Schools COVID-19 Operational Guidance – 14 December 2021

Updated SEND and Specialist Settings – Additional COVID-19 Guidance – 9 December 2021

Update to all early years, children’s social care, schools, further education and higher education providers

New measures in response to the Omicron variant of COVID-19 identified in the UK

COVID-19 Risk Assessment template

COVID-19 LA and Public Health Suffolk Information

Flowchart for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases

Premises Management guidance and resources

Educational Setting guidance from the Department for Education

Handwashing and Hygiene