Incident reporting

Please note: Incident reports need to be completed using the Schools’ Incident Report Form and they need to be emailed to [email protected]

14 March 2024: Please read the following requests carefully before sending in your incident forms:

  1. Please only attach one form on each email as there may be information within the email (or the trail that follows) which pertains to another person’s incident
  2. Please do not send scanned documents of any kind (such as screen shots of IRFs) or PDFs
  3. Please ensure that the IRF is typed in the Word document as some handwriting is difficult to decipher, and we want to ensure that we receive and record the correct information
  4. Please do not send any document in which there are multiple IRFs in one file – i.e., long Word documents or PDFs (anyway) which comprise of more than a singular incident due to GDPR
  5. Please do not send IRFs via encrypted 365 mail – if you have an email address ending in you are already on our secure TLS system.  If you have an ‘org’ or ‘’ email ending and you have already sent IRFs to us, you will be on a secure link.  Any concerns please request a new secure link – you will be sent a blank email from [email protected] and you can reply to this with your IRF and associated information.
  6. Please ensure that every part of the IRF is filled in – one of the frequently received blank areas is the most important – section five: ‘What has been done to prevent further incidents of this nature?‘. By filling in the form completely, this will save both you and us masses of time by ensuring that all information is received in the first instance.
  7. Remember the saying: “What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.” These are all crucial points to be included in the form.

Thank you for your continued support in sending us detailed and clear incident forms.

For further guidance please see:  

RIDDOR reportable incidents

Please note: Maintained schools do not report their incidents to the HSE – the health and safety team at Suffolk County Concil does this.

However, the Incident reporting in schools guidance from the HSE, can help you ensure that you report the incident to [email protected] as quickly as possible. 

Academies, voluntree aided, free schools and other non-maintained schools should have their own system for capturing incidents and for reporting to the HSE where required.

Guidance on bites and defibrillators

Privacy notice

Please see our Safety, Health and Wellbeing Privacy Notice for information about about how we manage and process the personal data captured in incident reports.