Display Screen Equipment health and safety

Completeting a Computer Workstation Self-Assessment

When you sit at a computer workstation and use display screen equipment (commonly known as DSE – or in the ‘old days’, as VDUs), it’s important that you sit with a good posture. It reduces the risk of you developing aches and pains.

You should complete a Computer Workstation Self-Assessment. It will help you to determine if there is anything that can be done to minimise the risks and will help you to regular review your working posture. This is especially relevant for office staff, though any staff, who use DSE (inlcuding tablets) should do a self-assessment.

How to set up your computer workstation

The company, Posturite, who provides ergonomic equipment for DSE use, has large amount of useful resources and guidance on their website, including:

Guidance from the HSE

Have a look at the HSE guidance for employers on Working safely with display screen equipment.

Working from Home

The Working from Home Promptsheet was developed for home workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is useful to aid discussions between staff and their managers whilst they are either shielding and working from working from home for other reasons. It covers stress, mental health, and ergonomics.

You can also have a look at this Working from Home guidance.

Children and Young People using a workstation at home

If you have students at your school, who need to work from, have a look at the guidance: Children’s Ergonomics: Tips for Setting Up a Remote Learning Workstation from Propel Physiotherepy. Bear in mind that much of the advice we give to adults is similar to the advice for children, but this is an article specifically for children and young people.