Stress, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Education staff wellbeing charter

The DfE have worked with unions, schools and colleges, and MIND to co-create a charter to highlight staff wellbeing in the education sector. It’s a tool for schools and colleges to create, and publicly commit to, their own wellbeing strategies to help them protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing and mental health of their staff.

You can use the charter to:

* show staff that you take their wellbeing seriously

* open a conversation with staff about their wellbeing and mental health

* create a staff wellbeing strategy

* create a wellbeing-focused culture

You can take a look at the full details on the Charter where there is plenty of guidance and assistance, alongside commitment posters.  Further down the page from the Charter is a host of Wellbeing resources for school staff – please do take a look and share between your staff and colleagues. 

Children and Young People’s emotional wellbeing

Just below is a new PDF document which gives details of a children and young people’s service (Suffolk based) regarding mental health and general emotional wellbeing. Also, there’s a link to a Gov.UK document called ‘Promoting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing: A whole school approach’. Both are definitely worth a look and parents may also find them useful. 

Brilliant booklet by the Psychology and Therapeutic Services (P&TS)

We have been lucky enough to receive the booklet above, entitled ‘Education Setting Staff: Looking after your mental health and wellbeing – and that of the children and young people you support.‘  It’s superb – we’ve advertised it in Headlines as well, and you’ll find it embedded below as a PDF.  Please DO pass it amongst your staff.

More resources for good mental health and the management of stress

Education and Learning Officers have put together an excellent list of resources for staff, children, young people and parents, in light of the current national crisis. Please do have a look at this document (called ‘MH/S – Staff and CYP) below. If you can’t find an organisation which you need, have a look at the other resources list, also below. Failing that, contact for further signposting. Don’t forget the support network for School Leaders – details in post below. Keep well, keep safe.

Support for School Leaders’ Wellbeing 

We know that there are continued levels of anxiety amongst communities and school leaders and school staff are absorbing much of this. Support for headteachers and other school leaders in this challenging time has been established with and to support from the headteacher associations. For initial contact, the phone number is 01473 265656 or the e-mail address is

It’s good to talk….

Time to Change, the national organisation committed to reducing stigma and raising awareness, has advertised a new online module to assist people to ‘start the conversation’ about mental health. There is a document below which details this and it also has a link to an online module to complete. Have a go! You can also find a document about ‘mental health and emotional wellbeing information for schools’, which includes services and training for professionals to help them support children and young people and their families.

There is a really helpful document by the HSE which is specifically for schools and the management of stress – it’s called the Education Talking Toolkit. You will need to download it directly from the HSE website as it’s too large a file to host on here. You can also have a look at the their general pages on stress and mental health.

Because some of the documents below are SCC policies, they may refer to links which are on ‘MySCC’, the SCC staff portal. If that’s the case and you can’t reach that information, let me know and I’ll source it for you elsewhere.

I’m available for in-house courses and workshops with regard to stress and mental health. Any questions on the training or any of these topics, just contact me at

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