First Aid

16 February 2022 – Updated first aid guidance from the DfE for Schools, Colleges and Early Years – please go to the link and read the new guidance document where there are updates throughout. You must now ensure your first aid policy is backed up by a First Aid Needs Assessment, which will inform you as to the numbers of trained staff you need, and what type of training. Any queries, please email [email protected]

18 January 2021 – Early Years foundation stage –  coronavirus disapplications – Paediatric First Aid

Please see below for a document which gives a precis of the changes in guidance for PFA under the coronavirus disapplications. No change has been made for provisions which serve children under 24 months but there are changes for settings where children are aged 2 to 5 years old. Please read this document carefully and if required, you can access the full document at Early years foundation stage: coronavirus disapplications – GOV.UK (

8 June 2020: First Aid qualification update from the HSE:

The HSE’s website has been updated to: “The first aid training industry in England is confident that enough courses will now be available for all required requalification training to take place. The HSE has therefore agreed a final deadline for requalification for these qualifications of 30 September 2020”.

Follow this link for the full item: – there is a piece about the extensions towards the bottom of the page.

27 March 2020: First Aid cover under current circumstances – UPDATE

The Word document posted on 23 March 2020 has been updated to include requalification information for paediatric certificates.

Please find below a Word document which is a statement issued today which may assist with schools’ questions on whether they are covered for treating all ages of children within their settings.

First Aid provision can be a bit of a complex situation for some schools. Some of the questions I get are:

How many first aiders do we need?

What type of first aiders do we need?

Do I need to do a risk assessment on first aid?

Do we have to treat members of the public on site?

Who should provide our training?

I’ve posted some documents below which will hopefully help you with those types of questions. Let me know if you need more information and I’ll gladly try and help! Just email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

2021-01-18 Changes to Paediatric First Aid Guidance

First Aid – Your Questions Answered: An HSE Guide

First Aid cover during the current situation APRIL 2020 v3

First Aid Guidance for Schools from the DfEE

First Aid Providers – HSE Guidance

HSE Guidance on the First Aid Regulations 1981