Asthma Management in Education Settings

Asthma is a common long-term medical condition in children, that can prove fatal without appropriate management.

Asthma Friendly Schools

Suffolk County Council has started implementing the Asthma Friendly Schools initiative since Autumn 2022, to help meet the national standards specified in the National Bundle of Care for Children and Young People with Asthma. The aim is to help schools manage an asthma exacerbation and help to prevent avoidable harm to children with asthma.

Benefits to becoming an Asthma Friendly School include:

  • Improved asthma awareness and management in the school
  • Develop a more inclusive and supportive school environment for students with asthma
  • Be recognised for implementing best practice within schools
  • Improved attendance and attainment

Becoming a Suffolk Asthma Friendly School

In order to become an Asthma Friendly School, schools must complete a self-audit form indicating that they have met several criteria. In the first year of the initiative, we found that many schools were struggling to meet criteria that were beyond their direct control. As such we have developed a tiered system which allows for schools to be recognised for their commitment and encourage progress towards meeting the criteria in full.

For guidance on how to meet these criteria, please refer to the Suffolk Asthma Policy Guide, which will also provide a framework for schools to develop their own school Asthma Policy.

Completing the Suffolk Asthma Friendly Schools Audit

The self-audit form can be completed online, and upon submission you should receive an email containing a Suffolk Asthma Friendly School Certificate according to the tier of criteria (Bronze/Silver/Gold status) your school has achieved.

You may submit the audit any number of times each year. Therefore, if your school has made any further improvements to reach the next tier (Bronze/Silver/Gold), you are encouraged to perform a new submission. In some months where many schools have submitted forms, you may need to wait for your certificate to be sent to you.

Suffolk Asthma Friendly Schools Standard (


If you encounter any problems or require any clarification, please look through some of the resources we have compiled in the section below. If this does not help you to resolve your issue, please contact one of our team

Useful resources and FAQs

London Asthma Friendly Schools Guide

Beat Asthma website – contains videos, quizzes and written information for young people and their families; also contains useful resources for schools.

Emergency asthma inhalers for use in schools – guidance from the Department of Education – Please note: that schools can buy inhalers and spacers from a pharmacy, without a prescription as long as they are for emergency use only.

Asthma UK – asthma plan for a child

Asthma UK – asthma plan for an older child

Asthma UK – school asthma card

Digital Health Passport – digital health passport app with access to asthma treatment plan and additional resources such as asthma inhaler technique, peak flow record, pollen information. Available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

MySpira app – free augmented reality asthma training game for children

Poster – Let’s Talk About Asthma

Poster – Asthma Emergency

Poster – Do you know how to use your inhaler correctly?

Poster – ‘Everyone with asthma should have an asthma management plan’

Poster – ‘Prevent; use every day’