Weather – staying safe in the heat and cold

Oh, the Great British weather! Recent years have seen us have the hottest summers on record, and then some really blustery winters, full of wet or damp days.  Don’t forget a couple of years ago it was snowing in March and April! 
So we really have to be on our toes, and ready for any eventuality.  There’s some documents to help you manage people and premises in cold and hot weather below.

PLEASE SEE THIS UPDATED LETTER TO SCHOOLS – OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2022 – advice on school closures for 2022 / 23

Update to information from DfE

Please follow this link to the Education Hub on the DfE website for advice in extreme heat.

Please see this guidance for EVOLVE Advice on Hot weather guidance for Duke of Edinburgh Award visits, which also can be applied to other school trips.

There is clear government guidance on looking after children and those in early years settings during heatwaves, including the use of ventilation, keeping children hydrated, and avoiding vigorous physical activity, encouraging children to wear loose, light coloured clothing and sunhats with wide brims, to use sunscreen, and providing them with plenty of water.

If the Department of Education advises on challenging weather it is down to individual school leaders to manage their own local circumstances via their risk assessments.

These weblinks might also be of use:

If you can’t find what you need above, email [email protected], safety, health and wellbeing advisor for maintained schools.