Friends and Networks

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Friends and Networks (FaN) is a DfE-funded project delivered through Inclusion Services.

The project supports children and young people aged 8-16 with emotional based school avoidance (EBSA) and/or special education needs and disabilities (SEND), who are experiencing difficulties in maintaining a full-time education placement or facing placement breakdown.

FaN offers a child-led approach to re-engagement, through activity-based, short-break sessions. Participants are supported to develop their skills and build resilience, in activities aligned to their likes and interests.

The project is for children and young people whose attendance levels sit at 60% and below in an on-roll school setting. It is funded for 16 weeks and has three different approaches: Family, Individual and Whole School.

To refer a child or young person, please complete the FaN referral form, or for more information please contact: [email protected], or Lauren Flood on 01473 264267.