EHCP Annual Reviews and Phase Transfers

Annual Review guidance graphic

Following consultation with a variety of education settings, a revised version of the EHCP Review Report has been coproduced and is now available, alongside guidance notes, for use by all education settings. 

We appreciate that you may be mid-way through some reviews utilising the previous template, and those completed using the previous template will continue to be accepted by SEND Family Services. There will therefore be a transition to use of the new template over the summer term, with an expectation that the new template is consistently used by education settings to complete Review reports from the Autumn term.    

The guidance notes contain a link to a Microsoft Form to enable education settings to provide feedback on the revised EHCP review report. We may make some revisions to the report based on this feedback throughout the summer term; the latest version of the review report will be available from the Suffolk Local Offer and can be downloaded below.

We will also be coproducing a revised version of the Family Advice form, Child Views form and Preparing for Adulthood form (previously Moving into Adulthood) to improve how we gather views of children, young people, and parents and carers to input to the review of an Education, Health and Care Plan. Further details about this change, and what it means for children, young people and parents and carers will be shared in due course.

EHC plans should be used to actively monitor children and young people’s progress towards their outcomes and longer term aspirations. They must be reviewed by the local authority as a minimum every 12 months.

The first review must be held within 12 months of the date when the EHC plan was issued, and then within 12 months of any previous review, and the local authority’s decision following the review meeting must be notified to the child’s parent or the young person within four weeks of the review meeting (and within 12 months of the date of issue of the EHC plan or previous review).

Please bear in mind that an Annual Review is not just the meeting; it refers to the whole process and is only complete once the Local Authority have issued it’s decision following the meeting, and so enough time must be allowed in your planning to ensure this can occur within the statutory timescales.

Annual Review Documentation

Please send all Annual Reviews to the following dedicated Family Services mailboxes:

North (Lowestoft, Waveney, Suffolk Coastal) [email protected]
South (Ipswich North, East, South and West) [email protected]
West (Bury St Edmunds and Central Suffolk) [email protected]