Sensory & Physical (S&P) Service

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The Sensory & Physical (S&P) Service (previously called the Sensory & Communication Service) is part of the Specialist Education Service, and incorporates the:

  • Service for Deaf Children & Young People, the
  • Service for Children with Visual and/or Multisensory Impairments, and the
  • Specialist Learning Support Assistant (SpLSA) Service

What we do

Children and young people with additional medical and/or sensory needs may struggle to access or engage with learning. We work with settings to help them better understand the needs of pupils with these additional needs and how they can be best supported, and work directly with pupils to provide them with specialist teaching and support.

Contact details

Kim Hodge, Head of Sensory & Physical Service

Mob: 07540 668579 / [email protected]

Referral form

The service is for pupils with clinically diagnosed HI/VI/MSI sensory loss. This referral form should be used to request the support of the HI, VI, MSI teams. Sensory Service referral form.