LMS Docs – 2015

LMS Doc 2015-01 Annual Review of Suffolks Scheme for the Financing of Schools

LMS Doc 2015-02 School Budget Briefings

LMS Doc 2015-03 School Term Dates 2016-17

LMS Doc 2015-04 Use of Consultants and Compliance with HMRC Rules

LMS Doc 2015-05 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

LMS Doc 2015-06 New Strategic Toolkit

LMS Doc 2015-07 Financial Year End

LMS Doc 2015-08 Education and Learning Infrastructure Plan

LMS Doc 2015-09 Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006

LMS Doc 2015-10 Important Changes to SCC Procurement Limits

LMS Doc 2015-11 Health and Safety Responsibilities for Schools

LMS Doc 2015-12 PCI DSS Audit

LMS Doc 2015-13 Copyright Licences 2015-16

LMS Doc 2015-14 Invitation to webinar for new OH maintained schools

LMS Doc 2015-15 NASUWT Escalation of industrial action

LMS Doc 2015-16 Term Dates 2016-17

LMS Doc 2015-17 Occupational Health and Wellbeing Support to Schools

LMS Doc 2015-18 Guidance for Making Changes to your School Buildings

LMS Doc 2015-19 2014-15 Consistent Financial Reporting Returns

LMS Doc 2015-20 Safer Recruitment Pre-Employment Checks

LMS Doc 2015-21 SFVS Requirements

LMS Doc 2015-22 Community Use Support Framework

LMS Doc 2015-23 Community Use Support Framework

LMS Doc 2015-24 Financial Regulations – Reimbursements for Vision Tests & Glasses

LMS Doc 2015-25 Value for Money and the 2015-16 Record of Financial Responsibility

LMS Doc 2015-26 Fraud Alerts – October 2015

LMS Doc 2015-27 Use of Consultants and compliance with HMRC rules

LMS Doc 2015-28 Advice for Schools on Coping with Severe Weather

LMS Doc 2015-29 2015 Annual Review of Suffolk’s Scheme for the Financing of Schools

LMS Doc 2015-30 School Term Dates 2017-18 and 2018-19 Consultation