Budget 2022-23

On the page below you will find the 2022-23 Budget tools provided to aid in your budget planning for next year and beyond

You will need to open the toolkits (shown below), select your school from the drop-down menus (in school number order, however PRUs, Special Schools and Highfield Nursery are shown at the foot of the list) and save a copy to where you would normally save your toolkits etc.

1. Budget Toolkit: The toolkit will contain your delegated budget information split out by the blocks of funding – Schools and High Needs (where applicable). Within the toolkit there is the Budget Plan tab and also feeding off of this, the 3 year Strategic Plan.  Please note, any federation school toolkits will be sent to those schools separately.

2. Budget Estimate Tool: Schools can choose to use this; however it is an optional tool. This is to aid in any further planning / modelling that schools may wish to undertake in supporting the 1 year and strategic planning submissions.  

Please note due to technical difficulties on loading the toolkits to Suffolk Learning the print buttons included in the toolkits will not work. If you do need to print any of the pages please go to file-print in the usual way.

3. Budget Commentary: This provides further guidance on all aspects of funding and financial planning for 2022-23 and should be used in conjunction with the toolkits.

If you have any technical problems with the toolkit or queries, please contact: [email protected] in the first instance.