CLA Collection of Royalties Data – Photocopying, Scanning & Digital/Website re-use of Published Material  

The Copyright Licensing Agency is intending to conduct a data collection exercise in selected Suffolk County Council schools/academies during the Spring term 2024. 

This will enable CLA to establish what is being photocopied/scanned and/or digitally re-used so that your licence fee can be fairly redistributed as royalty payments to the authors, artists and publishers of the licensed material you are using.  All state-funded schools, including academies, hold a CLA Education Licence through central agreements or regional education bodies.   

Your CLA Licence also includes digital rights so, in addition to photocopying and scanning permissions, schools are able to re-use digital publications covered by the CLA licence, such as e-books and certain website content. 

CLA Education Licence

Further, the NLA Licence for newspaper copying, which is managed by CLA, provides many schools with permission to copy/re-use printed and digital content from NLA licensed material. 

In accordance with the current terms and conditions of the Licence, the school and all staff are required, when requested, to participate fully in any such data collection exercise.   

If your school/academy is selected, you will receive an explanatory letter from CLA followed by contact from a CLA representative who will explain the procedures involved. CLA is aware of teacher workload issues affecting all schools and have refined their collection procedures accordingly, which include moving to a remote model and eliminating school visits.   

This exercise will begin just after the start of the term and lasts no more than 11 weeks. All schools are required to start and finish the exercise at the same time to ensure robust sampling. It should be noted that this is not a policing operation although schools will want to ensure they have the appropriate licences.   

The purpose of this article is to give you advance notice of the data collection and selected schools/academies should direct any questions to Emma Laflin, Head of Organisational Support ([email protected]), or to the CLA representative once they have made contact with the school.