The ‘Big Ambition’

The Children’s Commissioner for England has launched ‘The Big Ambition’ to hear directly from children, young people, and parents from across the country. As we approach the General Election, she is clear that it is a crucial moment to take children and young people’s voices to policymakers, Government, and decision makers, to make sure they are heard.

Through The Big Ambition survey she wants to hear from children and young people about their schools, communities, family life, and the wider world. She is also asking what they want for their future, their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

This survey is for all children and young people aged 6, up to 18. Alongside this, parents and other adults can complete the survey on behalf of children and young people aged 0, up to 5, to ensure she also hears from early years settings.  

All of us who advocate for children can help by sending out this link as widely as possible, with in particular school leaders asked for their help in promoting this with their children.

The survey can be completed here