Take part in the National Literacy Trust annual literacy survey

Since 2010, the National Literacy Trust has conducted an annual literacy survey of more than 40,000 children and young people, aged 8 to 18, from across the UK. This survey provides essential data on children’s literacy behaviours, attitudes and enjoyment levels, which allows us to track annual trends and provides a consistent national measure of children’s literacy. This data provides an essential evidence base and informs all of the National Literacy Trust’s campaigning and programmatic work.

Registration for the 2023 survey is now open! Schools that participate get their own individual school report that outlines your basic findings, which you can compare nationally once the national reports are published.

You could use your report to:

  • Inform your literacy and numeracy strategy
  • Give as supporting evidence to OFSTED
  • Review your current provision

The survey will run from 3 January – 10 March 2023.This year, in addition to the 5-8 and 8-18 surveys, we are introducing a teacher and school staff survey for you to share with colleagues. We welcome responses from all school staff, not just those in teaching roles. Please check the relevant box below if you would like to be sent this survey and we will send it out along with the pupil surveys when they are live. We will also provide further information on this survey in the coming weeks. To sign up, please go to https://literacytrust.org.uk/contact-us/annual-literacy-survey/