Purchasing cards

Please find a link to our purchasing card guidance which the below documents have now been updated. 

If you have a purchasing card within the school or you are a programme administrator please be sure to read over this updated guidance which will need to replace your current purchasing card guidance.

The information includes:

  • Generic Purchase Card Policy
  • Guide for Cardholders
  • Purchase Card Cancellation Appendix B
  • Purchasing Card Terms Conditions
  • Purchasing Card- Guidance for Schools
  • Where to send your Purchasing Card application

The Authorisation to Pay by Purchasing Card document and the Purchasing Card Transaction Log have been updated now to include the need to provide the business purpose for each purchase which schools will need to provide going forward so please use the updated documents within the “Purchasing Card- Guidance for Schools” or amend your current documents to include the business purpose for each purchase.

In addition, there should always be a separation of duties within the purchasing card process so it would be the expectation that the Headteacher, and/or Finance Committee undertake regular internal checks on the process, thereby ensuring accurate and up to date records are always maintained.