Free Budgeting Lessons for East Suffolk Primaries and Secondaries

The Public Health Team at Suffolk County Council is working with a charity to offer schools financial education and budgeting lessons across areas of East Suffolk.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has devised one 60 minute structured lesson for Year 11 and two 90 minute sessions for Years 5/6.The Council has funded CAP’s Suffolk Coastal Centre to deliver these CAP Money Kids and CAP Money Youth lessons from mid-January and encourages interested schools to get in touch. Here is what schools will receive for free:

 CAP Money Youth (Secondary School – Year 11)

1 x 60 minute lesson

Lesson Objectives:

  • To understand the impact that being in debt can have and the importance of learning how to control your finances
  • To recognise the importance of building a budget and sticking to it
  • To learn techniques to make a budget balance
  • To learn why living on cash can be better than using cards all the time

CAP Money Kids  (Primary Schools- Year 5 and 6)

 2x 90 minute lessons

Lesson Objectives for Lesson 1:

  • To look at different ways that children and adults can earn money
  • To understand that people can be paid in different ways
  • To understand where people’s money comes from if they can’t work
  • To learn what an average household spends their money on
  • To learn that everyone has control over what they spend their money on
  • To understand the difference between needs and wants

Lesson 2 objectives are available on request.

This project pilot runs under Suffolk’s 2023/24 poverty priority of money. These programmes focus on investing in children and young people’s understanding of money management and is focusing on poverty prevention. Please contact Jo Belfield, Project Manager at [email protected] for more information and to connect you to the CAP Suffolk Coastal Centre.