Phase 2 of the SEND Capital Programme – Specialist Units 

As we are sure you are aware, Suffolk County Council previously secured over £45 million of investment for the implementation of the SEND Capital Programme, which has been separated in to two phases. This programme is to develop specialist provision for children and young people with SEND enabling them access to specialist provision within the local offer. This first phase has created 825 new places so far, with 500 places already available and a further 325 due to open between September 2022 – September 2024. A significant number of these placements were met through specialist units attached to mainstream schools, which has enabled pupils to access mainstream education along with specialist support appropriate to their needs. 

Following on from the success of Phase 1 of the programme, Suffolk County Council has secured the final £6 million for Phase 2 which will see further specialist provision developed for Suffolk. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for Suffolk schools to play a part in securing much-needed specialist provision and make a difference for children and young people with SEND. 

The need has been identified for a KS2 Cognition & Learning unit in the North, a KS3/4 Cognition & Learning unit in the West, and a KS3/4 Cognition & Learning unit in the South. At this stage of the programme, these are the specialist unit provisions that we are looking to develop.

We are taking this opportunity to inform you that next week the process for applying for these new units as part of Phase 2 will open, and you will receive further information in next week’s Suffolk Headlines. The deadline for applying for these will be Friday 30th September.

We will be holding a virtual information session on Wednesday 21st September at 3pm which you would be very welcome and encouraged to attend. This session will offer a chance to learn more about the entailments of having a specialist unit attached to your school and the difference you would make. If you would like to attend this virtual event, please email [email protected] by Friday 16th September