SENDIASS sessions for parents and carers

Booking is open for our online session for parents and carers Drafting and finalising an EHC plan. We will explore: the final stage of the EHC needs assessment process; naming a school; key sections of an EHCP and what a good plan looks like. This aims to help parents and carers who have just had an EHC needs assessment agreed and those whose children already have an EHC plan. 

The session is not appropriate for parents who wish to find out more about the EHC needs assessment threshold and process – our videos and EHC web information will help with this.

Anyone who registers will have access to a pre-recording of the session to watch on demand and linked resources.

Drafting and Finalising an EHC Plan (PDF flyer)

28 February 2024 (10am – 11:30am)

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And there’s still time to register for the following sessions:

Our EHC needs assessment webinar which explains the purpose, threshold, and process of an EHC needs assessment and how you and your child are involved. This was coproduced separately with both parents and carers and practitioners, and all are welcome to book.

Anyone who registers will have access to a pre-recording to watch on demand and a suite of additional resources.

EHC Needs Assessments (PDF flyer)

12 February 2024 (6pm – 7:30pm)

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And a relaxed online session for parents and carers, hosted by SENDIASS, exploring how to support the communication skills of children and young people, through our own responses, to better understand their behaviour.

The presentation will be delivered by specialist teachers from the Speech, Language and Communication Service which lies within Suffolk’s Communication and Interaction service.

Understanding Children and Young People’s Behaviour as a Communication Need (PDF flyer)

14 February 2024 (10:30am – 12 noon)

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