New ‘easy-read’ information leaflets

Suffolk Sendiass are pleased to be able to share two new, co-produced, easy read, information leaflets.

New ‘easy-read’ information about annual review (of an EHC plan)

We’re pleased to be bringing you our new, co-produced, easy-read Annual review of your Education, Health and Care plan’ information booklet

Also sharing with you our New ‘easy-read’ information about our Rewards Framework for young people coproduced Easy-Read rewards framework 

A summary of how we welcome and reward young people to get involved and with huge thanks to the young people and everyone who helped us put these together.

We are committed to co-production. We want our information to be shaped by families. You can keep an eye out for what we’re working on here: SENDIASS Coproduction
Please email us if you would like to know more about how to get involved: [email protected]