Post 16 Participation Tracking and NEET Support 

Dear Colleagues

Changes in Support for Young People Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET) Post 16 within the Early Help Team (EHT) from September 2022. 

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to provide both a preventative and a reactive Youth Support service for those who are at risk of becoming NEET or become NEET as they transition through the post 16 phase. This has been due to the increase in overall size of the cohort as well as the complexity of the needs of those who require support. Set against a fixed level of resource.

To accommodate these changes, we are adapting the way in which we provide NEET support to YP transitioning into and through the post 16 phase.

From September 2022 only young people in year 13 with additional vulnerabilities recognised by DfE (CIC, those with an EHCP or current youth justice plan) will be case loaded for support from a Young Persons Workers or Early Help Coach This level of service will only continue to the end of February each academic year.

Outside of these parameters YP in Yr 13 who fall NEET will receive occasional support, guidance and signposting through phone calls, social media, email and mailouts as appropriate. This will be delivered as part of our tracking duty. 

We will focus our Early Help capacity on Year 11 and 12 with the aim to reduce the numbers of young people becoming long term NEET. 

The statutory duty for tracking activity will continue for all groups throughout Yr12 and 13.

The main changes from September 2022 are;

  • The Participation Tracking Team (PTT) will only refer YP in Yr 13 to EHTs if they fall into a DfE vulnerable group.  Other YP will receive a minimal level of contact and signposting in line with our statutory duty to track participation.
  • Due to the size of PTT caseloads, universal face to face support is not available, Instead NEET support for young people will be through the provision of information about other services by WhatsApp, text, telephone and email.  
  • From the end of February each year all young people in Yr 13 irrespective of their vulnerabilities will receive this minimal level of support and signposting.
  • Phone based PTT support for young people in Yr 13 will only be continued where YP is asking for/ responding to support. 
  • These changes will enable us to focus on the important preventative work with young people in Year 11, reducing the numbers who go on to become NEET. It will also help ensure we focus support on Year 12 as we know earlier intervention for those who are or at risk of becoming NEET is more effective.

We will continue to work actively with local partners around provision to ensure these new arrangements work smoothly and young people are supported as well as possible.  

We would like to thank you in anticipation of your support in implementing these changes.  Any queries about these revised participation tracking and support arrangements can be addressed to [email protected] (ParticiaptionTracking) or [email protected]  (EHT Support)