Launch of the Suffolk Neuro-developmental Pathway

The Suffolk Neuro-developmental Pathway is now live for all new referrals regarding Autism, ADHD and/or behaviours that challenge.

This is the route of referral for neuro-developmental difficulties in school aged children up to the age of 18 covering clinical aspects. Voluntary support services are available and will cover a variety of ages up to 25. The current preschool pathways for Autism assessment continue as they currently do now.

Work has taken place over the past few years through a multi-agency approach with improvements being made through feedback from children, young people, parents and carers.

It is hoped that the pathway will bring positive experiences for families. The pathway will be trialled and reviewed based on feedback to see how it is working for everyone.

One of the key priorities of the pathway is that it is a ‘needs led’ approach with access to support with or without a diagnosis. Other features of the new neuro-developmental pathway include:

•            Making support for families a priority

•            Providing support at the point of need

•            Providing support through the third sector

•            Introduces a Coordination Function for single point of access of referrals

•            Reviews Clinical pathways.

If you are approached by a family to be the supporting Professional for their neuro-developmental pathway referral, please contact children’s charity Barnardo’s, who are working in partnership with the East and West Suffolk CCGs and will be receiving referrals for this service (and also helping to co-ordinate and guide parents and carers to the support that they need), by emailing Barnardo’s at: [email protected]

Barnardo’s will be able to provide you with a copy of the pathway referral form. There is specific information that we require from you, as a Professional which is detailed in the associated referral form guidance which Barnardo’s will also send you.

We will be releasing further communications regarding details of the pathway in the coming weeks. You can refer families to the Suffolk Local Offer website Or Emotional Wellbeing Gateway website for more information.

If you have any queries regarding the new pathway, please contact the Project Manager via: [email protected]