County-wide television licence for schools

The current County-wide Television Licence for schools is due to expire at the end of June 2023. 
A list of schools that are currently covered by the License can be found here.
The Schools Accountancy Team would ask schools to check the list and contact the team only if they wish to terminate their licence and be removed from the renewal.
If your school is not listed and you consider that you should have a TV Licence please contact the Team immediately so we can update our list and ensure schools are adequately covered.  Please note that schools must have a current valid licence to watch or download any programmes from BBC iPlayer.
Schools that plan to convert to Academies at some point within the year will be covered by the SCC Licence until end of June 2024.  It will then be necessary to obtain a separate licence as an Academy.
The current fee payable is £159 per school.
E-mail address: [email protected]
The final date for updating the licence list is Friday 23 June 2023 – any emails received after this date will not take effect until July 24.