UEA Early Career Framework (ECF) offer for Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and their Mentors

As you may be aware, the DfE  Early Career Reforms that came into effect nationally in September 2021 to support early career teachers (ECTs), state that ECTs are entitled to a structured 2-year package of high-quality professional development. The reforms are part of the government’s  teacher recruitment and retention strategy, which aims to improve the training and development opportunities available to teachers.

Schools have a range of options available to choose from and we are very pleased to invite you to register with our UEA offer, as a delivery partner for Capita and the University of Birmingham. Our offer is a fully funded provider-led programme, as we’re working with one of the 6 providers accredited by the DfE.

We are also very proud to be able to offer a Special Schools cohort for 2022/23. This cohort will be exclusively for ECTs and Mentors working in special schools. The programme will be delivered by facilitators experienced in working in a special school setting. This will allow us to deliver our ECF training with a focus on a special schools’ contexts.

Please see the attached flyer that provides information about our offer.

How to sign up to our UEA Early Career Framework (ECF) Full Induction Programme

•   Register via Capita’s Early Career Framework: School Registration Form. When you get to question 2 on the form you will need to select:

o University of East Anglia as your local Delivery Partner or

o Capita SEND specialist cohort (delivered remotely by University of East Anglia – UEA) for the special schools’ cohort

•   By now you should have received an email from the Department for Education: Teacher Continuing Professional Development to register your nominated induction tutor (someone who will manage the statutory inductions at your school).

•  Your nominated induction tutor will need to log onto  DfE’s portal and select the ‘Full Induction programme’.

•  We will receive notification via Capita of schools that have registered for our ECF


•   You will still need to register your ECT with your chosen Appropriate Body. You can find a list of ABs here:  Find an Appropriate Body

Further information from our webpage

We have held information events for schools across the region interested in finding out more about our offer. The presentation from these events, further information and FAQs are all available on our Early Career Framework (ECF) webpage.

For further information and to raise queries about the ECF with UEA

If  you would appreciate any further information about our offer before making a decision about the delivery of the ECF or if you have any queries, you can contact us [email protected] in the first instance and a member of our team to respond directly.  Details of how to  register for our offer are on our UEA webpage.

Working in Partnership with UEA

We see this ECF development as an opportunity to continue to shape our working relationships with schools and multi academy trusts.  As a well-established provider of initial teacher education, this enables us to build on our training and support for new teachers to the profession. We believe this will lead to further ways for us to work collaboratively to support and strengthen teacher development, which ultimately will benefit our region’s children.

Kind regards

David Board and Dave Jones

ECF Co-Directors