UPN allocations

We are starting to notice schools allocating new UPN to any pupil starting at their school, rather than checking to see if a UPN already exists.

A unique pupil number (UPN) identifies each pupil attending a state funded school in England. Allocated on first entry to a school, the UPN is generated using the nationally specified formula and is expected to remain with a pupil throughout their school career regardless of any change in school or local authority.

It is important, with schools starting to set their MIS up for the 2023/24 academic year that UPN’s are allocated correctly.

Please ensure that a new permanent UPN is only allocated to a new pupil if this is their first entry to a state funded school.

Schools are responsible for ensuring that:

  • all pupils are allocated a UPN
  • no two pupils are allocated the same UPN
  • a pupil does not have more than one current UPN
  • where a pupil has moved between schools, all relevant information, including the UPN of the pupil, is electronically transferred to the receiving school
  • UPNs are not printed or written on any reports or similar documents
  • UPNs are not disclosed to anyone without valid consent or legitimate reason

The DfE guidance for schools and local authorities can be found at Department for Education (publishing.service.gov.uk)

The schools IT Team have access to pupil UPN’s via the GIAP (Get Information About Pupil’s) website and can easily advise you if a pupil has an existing UPN.  In order to look this information up, please log a call via the IT Service Desk on 01473 265555 or via [email protected]

Do not provide any information about the pupil on the call or email, simply ask for a call back from the Schools IT Team about UPN’s.  If you have more than 5 or 6 to look up, please create a spreadsheet including forename, surname and DOB and place this file in your anycomms folder S:\Other\Out\Misc, and let the team know you have sent a spreadsheet for updating.

If you do not have access to anycomms, please still contact us and we will arrange a way to securely provide this information.

If you have converted to an academy and do not buy our services, we still want to help you ensure that you have the correct data for your pupils, so please do not hesitate to contact us.