Engagement Model Training

Planning for Pupils not engaged in Subject Specific Learning: for Educators supporting children who are working below Pre-Key Stage Standards – delivered by Specialist Teachers from SES Cognition and Learning Service.

  • Session 1 – Monday 16th October 10am-12pm: What is Engagement and who needs this model?
  • Session 2 – Monday 16th October 1pm-3pm: Observations, looking to learn, the templates.
  • Session 3 – Monday 13th November 1pm-3pm: Planning for Engagement, using the EHCP outcomes, making learning meaningful.
  • Engagement Model Moderation Hub – Monday 4th December 4pm-5pm: for those who have completed the Engagement Model Training, an opportunity to meet in person at either Riverside, Endeavour House or West Suffolk House to moderate Engagement Model observations/planning. Please indicate your choice of venue upon booking.

Cost: £30 (includes Session 1-3 via Teams and the Moderation Hub – in person).
Booking available here
Booking closes 2nd October 2023.
What’s coming up?

What: Moderation twilight drop in…
Who for: previous attendees of engagement model training
When: 4th December 4-5pm
Where: Your nearest county office.
Riverside – with Tracy Read ([email protected])
West Suffolk House – with Kate Gregory ([email protected])
Endeavour House – with Vicky Platt ([email protected])

What: Hub event – Engagement Model Support and networking…
Who for: 22-23 and 23-24 cohort attendees in engagement model training
When: 13th May 2024
Where: Endeavour House, Ipswich.