Inclusion Services Training Survey

In December Senior Local Authority Officers were invited to attend Education and Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee.

Several recommendations were made including the request for Inclusion Services to undertake a survey with schools to understand their awareness of the training and support offered by Inclusion Services.

We have detailed below a sample of the current offer from our Specialist Education Services, we would appreciate if you can take time to review our current offer and complete the survey.

Specialist Education Services (SES) Suffolk County Council | Community Directory

Samples of training and support
Inclusion ForumKey information from Early Help & Attendance
CPD SessionSupport for Child in Care
CPD SessionSupport with assistive technology
CPD SessionSession led by Harmful Sexual Behaviour Team
CPD SessionPre Key Stage Standards/accessing small steps
CPD SessionDecodable Reading schemes
CPD SessionDifferentiation in mainstream primary
CPD SessionUnderstanding the differing needs within your class
CPD SessionMonitoring SEND progress in the classroom
CPD SessionInformation about screening for Dyslexia and specific learning difficulties
CPD SessionPromoting child continence in schools
New to SENCOInclude input from Health and Social Care
CPD SessionSupporting SEND learner with career pathways
CPD SessionWorkshop on remote learning
SENCO ForumSENDIASS supporting parental engagement
CPD SessionWord Awareness
CPD SessionDeaf Awareness
CPD SessionWhat is Dyscalculia?
CPD SessionReading strategies Dyslexia
SENCO ForumUpdate on core offer and SENCO Helpline
Inclusion ForumUpdate on Inclusion Quality Mark
SENCO/Inclusion ForumEmotional Learning Support Assistant overview
CPD SessionSupporting children through bereavement and loss
CPD SessionLocal Health Services updates
CPD SessionEmotionally Based School Avoidance
CPD SessionSupporting children unable to attend school for medical reasons
CPD SessionOverview of core offer from Specialist Learning Development Team
CPD SessionPrimary Mental Health Update
CPD SessionFetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Overview of child presentation
CPD SessionToolkits for school from Autism Education Trust

Survey to complete

Survey will close on Monday 16 May 2022.