Free School Meals and support for Ukrainian refugees

The government have confirmed that most Ukrainian refugees will be eligible for benefits on arriving in the UK and therefore can claim for Free School Meals. (FSM)

However, until they are in receipt of these benefits, we cannot validate their claim using the DfE eligibility checker.

In the interim period and until Universal Credit claims are processed,

there will be some grant funding to EYFS and schools on a per pupil basis for those pupils who arrive via the Homes for Ukraine scheme and the Family Visa scheme, for families.

Once you have accepted a child onto your roll, please email [email protected] and they will get back to you about the available funding as the amounts vary depending on the visa status of the pupil.

Once the family have confirmation of their Universal Credit Claim being successful, they can claim for FSM in the usual manner.

Should you have any other questions in relation to Free School Meals, please contact the Free School Meals Team at [email protected].