Schools depositing cash at the Post Office into Suffolk County Council account and sending in paying in slips to our Suffolk County Council Income team

Any school who are depositing cash with the post office and sending paying in slips to our Income team will need to start using our new Dynamics system for coding rather than sending in the paying in slips going forward.

You will still need to complete the front of the paying in slip for the Post Office, but the coding will have to be entered via the Dynamics system.

In order to get you setup on the Dynamics system we will need the below details emailed to [email protected]:

Name of School user:

Email address of the school user: 

School name and EE number of school:

School phone number:

Once we have this information we will then place a request with our IT team who will set you up to use the Dynamics system.  You will then receive an automated email with confirmation along with further details. 

Guidance on how to use the Dynamics system please click here.

If you have any questions, please let us know.