ICPS NHS Occupational Therapy Service referrals for children with motor skills difficulties

Prior to accepting a referral to  the ICPS Occupational Therapy Service  for children with motor skills difficulties schools and parents are directed to our resource pack which  provides school staff and parents with  ideas and strategies to support their children to practise and develop skills.

The activities should be carried out for a minimum of one school term to allow for progress. If the child is not making progress after this period of time, and/or school staff/parents feel further advice is required a referral to Occupational Therapy may then be appropriate. The worksheet/record forms in the pack can be used to support the referral, as they provide evidence of strategies already trialled. 

The ICPS Occupational Therapy Service offers a Motor Skills and Self-Care Workshop which aims to help school staff understand how to use the resource pack. Parents can also sign up to the workshop if they are interested to know more. This workshop is provided free of charge. Staff/parents should email  [email protected] to sign up. Please write ‘Motor Skills Workshop’ in the subject line.  N.B. Referrals for children living in the area covered by the Gt Yarmouth & Waveney CCG should be directed to the OT service at the Newberry Child Development Centre.