Alpha Teaching School Hub

ATSH gained 100% good or outstanding in all categories from mentors for our programmes.

•100% of ECTs felt that the programme met their learning objectives.

•The blocks are released each half term, which allows flexibility for schools, mentors and ECTs to complete modules in a timescale that fits the needs of the individual school. This also allows schools to take ownership of the modules and work within their own curriculum.

•The model can be adapted to accommodate the instructional coaching needs of individual mentors, some of whom have considerable experience already, whereas others may be new to mentoring and require more support.

• We have ECF leads to adjust face to face CPD days to go beyond the programme and understand the local context. Ross McGill and Dame Alison Peacock presented and delivered COPD sessions for our ECT and Mentors this year.

Alpha TSH Wider CPD

EAL CPD – this consists of live twilight session and will cover a range of topics.


Speech and Language CPD – this is a 1-day course and 7 Twilight sessions and is aimed at primary aged children focusing on the increasing number of children at risk of speech, language and communication delay.

Talk and Tours CPD – these sessions offer planning, differentiating and personalising of the curriculum for particular SEND students.